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CL:AIRE is currently developing a number of technical publications related to soil remediation and management.  We are looking for assistance from our members and subscribers in providing recent, high-resolution photographs which align with the descriptions listed below by 31 January 2024. Your images will be considered for use in several upcoming CL:AIRE publications.  

Images sought (preferred resolution: 72ppi or higher): 

  • Examples of good, reusable natural topsoil    
  • Examples of damaged, heavy clay natural topsoil  
  • Clearly defined stockpiling of different soil materials    
  • Long-term stockpiling of stripped topsoil left with only weed vegetation 
  • Topsoil stockpiled when wet and plastic   
  • Cloddy, compacted and structureless topsoil 
  • Examples of symptoms of over-compaction of soil. For example, struggling trees, poor grass growth, and surface ponding after heavy rain 
  • Ripping by tractor-drawn tines 
  • Large winged-tine ripper 
  • Topsoil rake used on a 3-tonne excavator 
  • Single ripper tooth used for relieving compaction 

We appreciate your support and generosity in sharing potential images that match the above descriptions. Other imagery of good and bad soil management is also welcomed even if they do not match the captions above. Contributors will be appropriately credited if the images are used.  

Should you possess suitable images or require further clarification regarding this request, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or +44 (0)​118 228 1488​. We look forward to seeing the images you kindly offer.