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# #Ref Location Quantity available Available from Available to Material Type Specified End Use
1 D093 Hitchmbury Farm, Taplow SL6 0HG 1500 to 2000m3 17 July 2017 30 August 2017 Inert Soil from Excavation on farm land. Available on request
2 D092 skelmersdale lancashire 200,000 Te 04 May 2017 2020 clay (glacial till) virgin material characterisation report available backfill ground engineering landfill liner / capping
3 D091 Blyth, Northumberland 60,000 tonnes 01 May 2017 31 August 2017 47,000 tonnes of topsoil and 13,000 tonnes of clay subsoil from a greenfield site. Ground Investigation report available. Suitable for residential development projects and similar
4 D090 Halifax and Leeds 5000tonne 20 March 2017 31 July 2017 clayey SILT, organic rich soil with some elevated PTEs Available on request
5 D089 Ingleby Crescent, Lincoln 18,600m3 February 16th 2017 End of March 2017 Non-Hazardous sandy gravelly clay with common made ground materials such as brick, flint, quartz and clinker. Gravel is mostly sandstone and limestone with some cobbles and boulders also present. Finer material is suitable as Class 2 General Fill or Class 4 Landscape Fill. If removed and crushed, the boulders would be suitable as Class 1 Granular Fill or Class 6 Selected Granular Fill. Suitable for non-residential garden land use – Full Contamination Report Available on Request.
6 D088 Macclesfield 25000 06 March 2017 02 June 2017 Natural Peat / Compostible Material Topsoil, Compost, Cover material
7 D087 Oxton - Nottinghamshire 10,000 tonnes 15/12/2016 28/02/2017 clay Available on request
8 D086 Whitehaven, West Cumbria 10 Million m3 minimum request 1 million m3 06 June 2019 31 December 2023 Quaternary glacial deposits (Glacial Till, Glacial and Glaciofluvial sands and gravels) Available on request
9 D085 Wrexham 12,000m3 5/12/16 9/6/17 Class 1a fill Construction
10 D084 Clays Lake, Parish lane, Pease pottage, Crawley 14,000 m3 19 September 2016 17 05 04 Soil and Stone Available on request
11 D083 Clays Lake, Parish lane, Pease pottage, Crawley 2,500m3 19 September 2016 17 05 04 Soil and Stone Available on request
12 D082 West Bromwich, Sandwell. West Midlands 12,000 m3 31 January 2017 30 June 2017 Inert & inert/non-hazardous sandy, silty gravel, with some reworked natural sandstone and mudstone. Gravel is concrete, quartz with some clinker and ash Full analysis available on request.
13 D081 From site in Chertsey KT16 8PY 50,000tonnes available immediately 06 October 2016 31 May 2017 inert & non-hazardous dried stockpiled dredgings available differing stockpiles analysis available upon request
14 D080 Anglesey 1200 01 November 2016 01 February 2017 Clean Subsoil Analysis available on request
15 D078 Northampton Up to 7,000m3 01 September 2016 Class 2A-C material - good, general fill Can be used as engineered fill. Test reports available upon request
16 D075 Whitchurch, Shropshire 36,000 m3 Immediate Sub soil and topsoil SI is available on request
17 D074 Camden NW1 15,000 m3 May 2016 6F2 Fill material that has asbestos <0.1% w/w Available on request
18 D073 Camden NW1 60,000 m3 May 2016 London Clay
19 D072 Swindon TOTAL 113,571 m3 Of: 20,808m3 of uncontaminated topsoil, 22,062m3 of uncontaminated subsoil, 8,388m3 of contaminated topsoil and 62,313m3 of contaminated subsoil May 2016 Dec 2018 Uncontaminated Topsoil = Slightly gravelly Clay. Uncontaminated Subsoil = Firm sandy gravelly Clay. Contaminated Topsoil = Sandy Clay. Contaminated Subsoil = Soft to stiff sandy gravelly Clay with fragments of brick, wire and ceramic Intrusive SI for all and WAC testing on Contam material. Uncontaminated Topsoil = Suitable for Resi End use. Uncontaminated Subsoil = General fill suitable for Resi End use. Contaminated Topsoil = Elevated sulphate, metals, total organic content and total dissolved solids. Contaminated Subsoil = General fill – Elevated metals, classified as inert waste apart from sulphate and total dissolved solids
20 D071 Widnes, Cheshire Non-topsoil: 135,000m3, Top soil: 28,000m3 July 2016 Aug 2016 Mix of top soil and sub-soil with small amount of made ground Ground investigation report available on request.
21 D064 South-west Reading, Berkshire ~30,000 m3 March 2016 Natural River Terrace Deposits Ground investigation data is available on request
22 D060 Billington, Lancashire 3,750 m3 Start 12th August 2015 Duration 8 weeks Sandy / Gravelly Clay & Stiff Clay (greenfield virgin site) Available on request
23 D058 Cambridge 400 m3 March 2014 April 2014 Virgin topsoil, slightly silty clay characteristics Available on request
24 D056 Reading >10,000 m3 Immediately Clay loam (stripped agricultural field) – very close to topsoil/subsoil classification Full analysis available on request – no contamination identified.
25 D046 Swansea 2,000 m3 April 2014 Clean/inert Glacial Till Soils Available on request
26 D045 Swansea 10,000 m3 April 2014 Clean General and Engineering Fill Available on request
27 D042 Wandsworth 8,000 m3 April 2014 May 2014 Alluvium and River Terrace Gravels Available on request
28 D037 Fulham 90,000 m3 2013. Approximately 10,000 m3 per year 2021 50-75% material is granular made ground, 25-50% are gravels Majority is non-hazardous although does have some coal tars. Full analysis on request
29 D023 Tankersley 2,000 m3 1 Sep 2012 Brown slightly gravely silty clay. Firm to very stiff orange/brown/grey clay Available on request
30 D021 Canalside in England 35,000 t Yearly Wet sediment dredgings -
31 D005 Saffron Waldon 4,000 m3 Immediate Gravelly clay Available on request
32 D0019 West/Central London 40,000 m3 Now For 1 year London Clay (Brown and Blue) Available on request