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The application of the quality mark indicates that the work has been undertaken by recognised, competent professionals and that the SGPV has verified that the work has been carried out in accordance with industry standards.

In order to be able to apply the Quality Mark under the Gas Protection Verification Scheme, the SGPV accredited person is required to purchase, complete and sign a GPVS Declaration and attach it to the verification report.

The Declaration is available to purchase online on the Gas Protection Verification Scheme website. Once the Declaration is completed and a fee paid, it will be available to be downloaded and appended to the verification report. Each certificate will have a unique reference number. 

The unique reference number will be publicly available for viewing on the register of accredited persons and each unique declaration number will be assigned against the SGPV accredited persons name. Each accredited person will be required to create an account on CL:AIRE’s website to allow tracking of the declaration certificates and to assist with auditing.  It is anticipated that a single declaration certificate will be purchased per verification report.  Therefore, one declaration may cover a number of plots verified. 

How to Create and Pay for a Declaration

  1. Log In: Every SGPV must log in to the CL:AIRE website to pay for a declaration.
  2. There are numerous ways of accessing the declaration page. You can access from your “Dashboard” as a shortcut (see above), or on the CL:AIRE website hover over Projects & Initiatives>GPVS (see below) and in the header access GPVS Declaration.  Alternatively use the link:
  3. To purchase a declaration, read the instructions on the left hand side and “Add to Cart” (see above). A draft “Declaration of Document Adequacy” is not available to complete or edit until your order has been completed.
    IMPORTANT: Please remember the SGPV must be logged in to proceed to payment.
  4. Press “Add to Cart” which will save your declaration number and will start the payment process
  5. If you have a Purchase Order (PO) number, please insert it in the box provided in the cart. A Purchase Order is not mandatory, so if you do not have a PO, proceed directly to checkout.
  6. Press Checkout
  7. Complete all Billing Information marked with *
  8. Press Continue
  9. Check Out.
    IMPORTANT: To pay for your declaration, you first need to select a payment method. You can choose to pay immediately by credit card, or by BACS transfer (the details are on the invoice). Please note that quick access to print your declaration is only possible if a Purchase Order Number is provided at time of checkout or, if no PO number is used, payment is completed.

    The checkout process should be completed as one continuous process. Please follow the written instructions about payment as you make your purchase. An error will occur if there is a delay during the payment process ie you leave your computer and do not complete checkout. 

    If you have problems during the payment process, please raise a “Help” request through the Help Desk on the main website.

  10. Place Order. On placing an order an email will be sent to confirm receipt.
  11. To review all purchases that you have made, hover over Book or Buy tab on the main CL:AIRE website and press “My orders”.
  12. You have now successfully created and saved a declaration. To access the declaration and edit / complete it, follow the instructions below.

How to Edit a Declaration

  1. To edit a Declaration go to “Projects & Initiatives>GPVS” or on your dashboard use the Quick Link “Edit Declaration” (you must be logged into the website).
  2. Alternatively on GPVS in the secondary menu (see below) hover over GPVS Declaration and there is “Edit Declarations” (see below)
  3. Here on the “Edit Declarations” page you will see the list of all declarations that you have started and their current payment status. This list of declarations is unique to each SGPV.
  4. Each declaration can be revisited and amended by pressing on each hyperlinked GPVS Declaration Reference. You can amend each declaration as many times as is required adding further information as it is obtained.  Please note there are prompts for the type of information that is required to be inserted in the relevant boxes.
  5. A declaration number may be transferred to another project by changing the details on the form and saving the form. Only the most recent set of data will be saved, therefore you MUST ensure that the PDF declaration form submitted to the regulator corresponds with the data captured by the form.

IMPORTANT: It is contrary to the GPVS code of conduct to use the same number for more than one declaration.  The audit process is designed to review this and will report on any misuse to CL:AIRE. 

How to Submit a Declaration

IMPORTANT: The Declaration of Document Adequacy can only be finalised if the status of the declaration (on the Edit Declaration page) is either payment received or purchase order (PO) number received, a PDF icon will be visible on the top right of the declaration page (just above the edit button) and you can follow step 4 onwards below.

  1. Select the correct declaration from the “Edit Declaration page”, complete or amend any outstanding information.
  2. When the SGPV is content with the wording of the declaration click on the PDF icon.
  3. A PDF of the Final version of the “Declaration of Document Adequacy” will be made available to download. The Format of the PDF is very different to that the SGPV completes the information on to make it easily identifiable (see below). 
    IMPORTANT: The PDF declaration will contain a watermark of the GPVS logo and have the unique reference number on the top of each page. There is a different declaration for residential and commercial proper
  4. The PDF is now ready for signature. This can be manual or electronic (if accepted by the regulator), however electronic signatures are not handled by this process and may need third party software. When signed, the final PDF file is ready for use.  If signing manually, the document will then need to be rescanned before submitting to the regulator.
    IMPORTANT: There is no requirement to send CL:AIRE (as the scheme administrator) a signed copy of the PDF.  CL:AIRE captures and retains all relevant information from the form for auditing purposes.

It is a requirement of the SGPV to maintain copies of all supporting information that is used to complete the Declaration of Document Adequacy for auditing purposes.