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CL:AIRE promotes UK industry at AquaConSoil 2015

CL:AIRE staff - Nicola Harries and Rob Sweeney have recently returned from AquaConSoil 2015 - the 13th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources, in Copenhagen, Denmark with several hundred delegates from all over the world.

They presented three posters which are available for download:

Nicola presented in a Special Session on "Sustainable Remediation – avoiding greenwash by striving to demonstrate better results", describing the ongoing interaction among the different national SuRF networks, as detailed on the Progess in Sustainable Remediation poster.  

In addition, Rob and Nicola supported two Special Sessions that were on nanoremediation and were organised by the NanoRem project.

JIWG Asbestos in Soil - June 2015 Update

The latest update of the work of the Asbestos in Soils Joint Industry Working Group (JIWG) is now available to download. 

The report highlights:

  •     Progress on the different sections of the JIWG Code of Practice
  •     Update on the JIWG Code of Practice Companion Document: Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012: Interpretation for Managing and Working with Asbestos in Soil and Construction & Demolition Materials: Industry Guidance
  •     SCA Blue Book Analytical Method
  •     Soil Background Research Project
  •     SoBRA Risk Assessment Work Group
  •     JIWG Risk Assessment Algorithm

Visit the Asbestos in Soil pages at

SCA Blue Book Method - The determination of asbestos in soil and associated materials : Consultation Draft now available

The Standing Committee of  Analysts Blue Book Method for the determination of asbestos in soil and associated materials has been amended and reviewed extensively by a working group led by Hazel Davidson of DETS. 

This document is now ready for wider consultation, review and comment.

Please forward any comments that you have on this version to Hazel Davidson directly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) by 31st July 2015.

SoBRA Asbestos Sub-Group Publishes Protocols and Discussion Papers

The SoBRA asbestos sub-group continues to develop an extended risk assessment framework which will feed into the JIWG Code of Practice. 

Several documents have now been published and are freely available to download from the SoBRA website:

  • Soil Sampling Protocol for Asbestos in Soil
  • Conceptual Framework for Asbestos Risk Assessment & Control
  • Design of an Activity Based Sampling Protocol for the Testing of Asbestos Fibre Release Potential from Residential Garden Soil
  • Dust Monitoring Protocol for Earthwork Activities at Brownfield Sites
  • Example Part 2A Asbestos Cement Decision Algorithm

These documents are discussion papers, designed to help scope the final UK-specific framework, and constructive feedback on these is welcomed.

SuRF-UK profiled at AquaConSoil 2015

SuRF-UK Phase 3 work was recently presented at AquaConSoil 2015 the 13th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources, in Copenhagen, Denmark through poster and platform presentations. 

"Practical Application for the SuRF-UK tool kit: Sustainable Management Practices" was presented by Frank Evans of National Grid and SuRF-UK Steering Group Member and "Practical Application for the SuRF-UK tool kit: Framing and Qualitative Sustainability Assessment" was presented by Dr Jonathan Smith of Shell Global Solutions (UK) Ltd. and chair of SuRF-UK.

Both were extremely well received and gave SuRF-UK even greater profile globally.

In addition, a new joint SuRF-UK / NICOLE report on regulatory ‘hooks’ for sustainable remediation was presented by Dr Richard Bewley of AECOM, which is available from the SuRF-UK website.

Further details on all SuRF-UK materials are available at

Beyond the Built Environment - the 2015 Constructing Excellence Annual Conference

The 2015 Constructing Excellence Annual Conference is taking place on 11 November at Lords Cricket ground, and will consider a wide range of issues facing construction while looking ‘beyond the built environment’.

This year’s conference aims to show how other industries are tackling a number of the key issues that are facing our industry, and that are set out in the Construction 2025 strategy.


NICOLE booklet on - Risk Based Management of Mercury-Impacted Sites

Network for Industrially Contaminated Land in Europe (NICOLE) has published a booklet on “Risk Based Management of Mercury-Impacted Sites”. 

The Mercury Working Group of NICOLE has spent the last couple of years collecting relevant case studies and developing best practice recommendations for the characterisation and risk assessment and remediation / management of Hg-impacted sites. The booklet is the final deliverable of the Working Group.

You may download the booklet with the temporary link or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


The SiLC Register Land Condition Skills Development Framework Tool

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Register has developed the Land Condition Skills Development Framework (LCSDF) Tool to assist individuals and organisations to record and monitor capabilities which can be used as part of a performance review and/or appraisal processes and to drive the performance of individuals.  The LCSDF can be downloaded from the Skill framework page from the Downloads menu on the SiLC website.


SuRF-UK LinkedIn Page

Sustainable Remediation Forum - UK has now set up a LinkedIn Page

The page will be used to share news and discussion items relating to sustainable remediation in the UK and across the globe.

GWSDAT - Groundwater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool version 2.1 released

GWSDAT (GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool) version 2.1 has just been released on the CL:AIRE website.

This free software application, developed by Shell, is open source, user-friendly and can be used for the visualisation and interpretation of groundwater monitoring data.  

To learn more about GWSDAT and its key features... 


A Review of the Legal and Regulatory Basis for Sustainable Remediation in the European Union and the United Kingdom

This report is intended as an easy to-use resource to facilitate the identification of references in legislation, regulation and guidance issued both by the European Union and legislative or environmental regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom (UK) that specifically require, promote, or support the application of sustainable remediation principles to the assessment and management of risks associated with soil and groundwater contamination.

The report has the primary aim of presenting the relevant sections of such documentation in an easily accessible manner, so that they can be readily brought to bear in developing the argument for a sustainable remedial approach.

(PDF 1.925kB)

Note: An error in Footnote 7, page 21 has now been corrected (1/7/15)

NanoRem project seeks stakeholders views on nanoremediation

Nanoremediation is an emerging remediation technology where nanoparticles are applied in situ for the treatment of contaminated groundwater and soil. Nanoremediation processes generally involve reduction or oxidation, which in some cases may be facilitated by an embedded catalyst.

Nanoscale zerovalent iron (nZVI) is the most commonly used particle to date.

NanoRem (Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment) is a research project, funded through the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. NanoRem focuses on facilitating practical, safe, economic and exploitable nanotechnology for in situ remediation of polluted soil and groundwater.

Part of the project is to understand the future promise of iron nanoparticles/nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) use in remediation as a remediation technology and to understand more about stakeholders thoughts and knowledge of the technology and its future opportunities.  NanoRem has recently produced an interim 'Risk-Benefit and Markets Appraisal, Initial Exploitation Strategy and Consultation' on the use of nZVI.

This short report summarises NanoRem’s initial findings and was made available at the end of April.

NanoRem is interested to collect additional opinions from different practitioners and stakeholders about the issues raised in this report and its interim findings.  In order to do this NanoRem has created a short questionnaire where they would greatly value your input.

Please follow the link to access both the report and the questionnaire:>>>

CL:AIRE Guidance Bulletin (GB04) available to download

To help promote the uptake of the LNAPL illustrated handbook, CL:AIRE has produced a brief summary document, Guidance Bulletin (GB04), which is now available to download.

This bulletin describes an illustrated handbook that presents best-practice guidance on the behaviour of light nonaqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) in the subsurface.

The LNAPL illustrated handbook can be downloaded for free at (PDF 17MB)

Download the free Guidance Bulletin GB04 (153KB)

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