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  1. CL:AIRE is responsible for setting and enforcing the Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme (GPVS) criteria and requirements for entry to registration.
  2. CL:AIRE is responsible for the appeal decisions. In this procedure the following terms apply:
    • Panel” refers to the Appeal Panel formed of two additional Assessors chosen by CL:AIRE who have not assessed the Applicant to date, and an additional person representing CL:AIRE.
    • Assessors” refers to the individuals that undertake the assessment for registration as a GPVS accredited person.
    • Applicant” refers to the person making an application for GPVS Registration.  They can be either applying for Specialist in Gas Protection Verification (SGPV) or Technician in Gas Protection Verification (TGPV).
  3. The Applicant has a right to appeal against the refusal to award registration providing they have lodged an intention to appeal with the GPVS administrator - CL:AIRE. An electronic written request must be made to CL:AIRE confirming that an appeal is going to be made within 10 working days of receipt of their accreditation result.  CL:AIRE will acknowledge receipt and confirm appeal administration fee.  This fee must be paid before the appeal will be considered.  If the appeal is successful the fee will be returned. For the correct appeal fee please contact CL:AIRE.
  4. The intention to appeal must identify one or more of the grounds detailed in items 7 - 10 below.
  5. Disagreement with the result does not constitute grounds for appeal.
  6. An appeal against a decision to refuse registration may only be made on one or more of the following grounds:
  7. There has been a procedural or administrative error during the course of the application or assessment process which has affected the ability of the Assessors to make a reasoned judgement;
  8. There has been an infringement of the candidate’s equal opportunity rights;
  9. The Assessors have misapplied the GPVS assessment criteria; or
  10. There were extenuating circumstances that occurred during the assessment that the Assessors were not aware of.
  11. Assessors of the original application for registration shall not be permitted to participate in the appeal process.
  12. CL:AIRE must form an Appeal Panel of a least three members (2 Assessors and a CL:AIRE representative).
  13. The Panel must either uphold or reject the appeal.
  14. Where an appeal is rejected, the Applicant will be notified of the decision of the Panel in writing within 25 working days.
  15. Depending on what the purpose of the Appeal Panel is, the Panel has a variety of options.  If the appeal is upheld for the Applicant to be awarded SGPV or TGPV, the Panel can either:
    • Accept the Applicant onto the GPVS register as a SGPV or TGPV; or
    • Request the Applicant attends another interview; and / or
    • Request the Applicant submits additional information.
  16. Where the Applicant, on appeal, is accepted on to the GPVS register as a SGPV or TGPV, the Applicant will be notified of the decision of the Panel within 25 working days.
  17. Where an appeal is upheld and the Applicant is required to attend an interview, the application will be treated as a new assessment.
  18. Two Assessors will be sent a copy of the Applicant's papers but will not be sent the original assessment sheets.
  19. Appeal papers will be assessed within 25 working days of receipt of the Applicant’s confirmation to pursue the appeal and where applicable, an interview will follow within 3 months. The Applicant must accept an interview offered within 6 months of the appeal confirmation. After this time a full assessment with full fee will apply.
  20. The Panel will make a decision regarding the Applicant on the day of the interview and notify CL:AIRE in writing within seven working days. The results will be emailed to the Applicant within seven working days of receipt.
  21. CL:AIRE will notify the original Assessors of the decision of the Panel in relation to the interview process.
  22. Where an appeal is upheld and the Applicant is required to provide supplementary information, this will be reviewed by the Panel and a final decision on the Application will be made by the Panel.
  23. The Applicant will receive the result of their appeal within 25 working days of the supplementary information being received by CL:AIRE.
  24. The result of an appeal is final.
  25. CL:AIRE will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the Applicant in the appeal process.
  26. Any Applicant requesting an appeal does so under the provisions set out in this procedure.

All correspondence should be sent to CL:AIRE via the Help Desk selecting GPVS tab option:

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