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National Contaminated Land Officers Group (NCLOG) 

The National Contaminated Land Officers Group (NCLOG) has been established to give Contaminated Land Officers (CLOs) a confident role in helping to shape the future of land contamination in the United Kingdom. The purpose of NCLOG is to enable the CLO voice to be heard nationally at government and industry level and be seen as the ‘go to’ organisation when people want to reach Local Authority CLOs on national contaminated land matters. 

Further information can be found here.  

Regional Contaminated Land Forums

Below you will find profiles for the regional contaminated land forums in the UK.

  • Contaminated Land Forum: North East Thames (CLF:NET)
  • East Land Quality Forum (ELQF)
  • North East Contaminated Land Forum (NECLF)
  • North West Brownfield Regeneration Forum (NWBRF)
  • Scottish Contaminated Land Forum (SCLF)
  • Yorkshire Contaminated Land Forum (YCLF)
  • South West Contaminated Land Forum (SWCLF)
  • Ireland Brownfield Network (IBN)
  • Welsh Land Contamination Working Group (WLCWG)
  • Midlands Land Events (MIDLE)