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National Contaminated Land Officers Group (NCLOG) 

The National Contaminated Land Officers Group (NCLOG) has been established to give Contaminated Land Officers (CLOs) a confident role in helping to shape the future of land contamination in the United Kingdom. The purpose of NCLOG is to enable the CLO voice to be heard nationally at government and industry level and be seen as the ‘go to’ organisation when people want to reach Local Authority CLOs on national contaminated land matters. 

Further information can be found here.  

Regional Contaminated Land Forums

Below you will find profiles for the regional contaminated land forums in the UK.

  • Contaminated Land Forum: North East Thames (CLF:NET)
  • East Land Quality Forum (ELQF)
  • North East Contaminated Land Forum (NECLF)
  • North West Brownfield Regeneration Forum (NWBRF)
  • Scottish Contaminated Land Forum (SCLF)
  • Yorkshire Contaminated Land Forum (YCLF)
  • South West Contaminated Land Forum (SWCLF)
  • Ireland Brownfield Network (IBN)
  • Welsh Land Contamination Working Group (WLCWG)
  • Midlands Land Events (MIDLE)
  • ELQF
  • SCLF
  • YCLF
  • IBN
  • The East Land Quality Forum (ELQF) was established in March 2010 as a dedicated voluntary body offering free seminars for land quality practitioners within the East of England.  The aim of the Forum is to allow all those with a professional interest in land quality in the East of England to come together with four main aims:

    E     Encouraging dialogue;
    L     Learning and dissemination of good practice and knowledge;
    Q    Quality partnerships are developed; and
    F     Future innovation promoted.

    The forum has proved incredibly successful from the outset, with over 230 members from over 126 organisations, including consultants, regulators, industry and academia.



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  • The North East Contaminated Land Forum (NECLF) was established in the 1990's to bring together contaminated land professionals in the North East of England to share knowledge, good practice and experience and provide networking opportunities. The group is organised by its members who are drawn from consultants, contractors, developers, academics, the public sector and analytical service providers.

    Website: not available

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  • The Contaminated Land Forum: North East Thames (CLF:NET) is a voluntary body that offers free seminars and workshops on land quality issues for brownfield practitioners within the Thames NE Area. Topics to be covered include gas, soil, surface water and groundwater affected by contamination.

    Website: not known

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  • The North West Brownfield Regeneration Forum, a dedicated voluntary body offering free seminars for brownfield practitioners within the region. 

    The North West Brownfield Regeneration Forum (NWBRForum) was established in 2008 with the aims of:

    • Supporting regeneration in the North West
    • Promoting best practice
    • Encouraging dialogue
    • Developing partnerships

    The interaction between these aims is demonstrated by our guiding principles.




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  • The aims of SCLF are to encourage and promote the effective and sustainable rehabilitation of contaminated land in Scotland and elsewhere ... and to thereby positively contribute to the future growth of the Scottish economy and the quality of life of its people and communities.

    What is SCLF? The Scottish Contaminated Land Forum (SCLF) was established with assistance from Scottish Enterprise and is a professional organisation dedicated to the promotion of contaminated land issues throughout Scotland and beyond. SCLF members are drawn from the public and private sector, consultants, analytical service providers and others. operating under the banner of our Mission Statement described above
    Our main objectives are:

    • to bring together ‘contaminated land professionals’ of all kinds
    • to arrange varied professional meetings for information exchange
    • to promote and develop best practice and the capacities of Scottish laboratories and consultants SCLF

    Membership SCLF membership is open to anyone with an interest in contaminated land issues, from analysis to waste treatment (or possibly as far as zoology!).



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  • The Yorkshire Contaminated Forum was established 2007 to bring together land quality practitioners across Yorkshire to meet quarterly to discuss topical land quality issues including soil, water and groundwater affected by contamination.

    At meetings, we present and receive interesting presentations, network in an open and friendly environment and work collectively towards improving land quality.

    YCLF membership includes environmental consultants, remediation contractors, property developers, local authorities and other regulators, planners, academics and a broad range of other relevant professions.

    The Forum is run by a small steering group of professionals representing private and public sectors. No charges are made for any of the YCLF activities. You can 'join' the forum by registering your interest on this website. Once registered, you will receive email notification of the next meeting and will also be able to access previous presentations. Additional functionality will be added to the website as it is developed.

    Meetings are held on four Fridays each year, February, May, September and November.

    YCLF welcomes offers of presentations and venues.

    YCLF would like to acknowledge the financial assistance provided by Yorkshire Forward which has enabled development of the website and support towards venue costs.



    To read the press releases from past meetings please click here>>

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  • Considering the unique industrial heritage of the area, the South West Contaminated Land Forum was established in 2015 to provide a forum for brownfield professionals in the region to meet, learn and discuss issues arising from the management and redevelopment of Brownfield land.

    The voluntary forum currently has two specific aims:

    • provide training events for brownfield professionals in the region;
    • and look at specific regional and technical issues and provide position statements on these matters in order to harmonise practices across the region.

    Membership of the SWCLF membership is open to anyone with an interest in contaminated land issues.

    The steering committee currently includes regulators, academics, remediation contractors and environmental consultants.



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  • The Ireland Brownfield Network - Encouraging the appropriate and sustainable redevelopment of brownfield land in Ireland.

    The Ireland Brownfield Network was established in February 2012 by a collective of leading brownfield practitioners operating in various professions throughout Ireland.

    The Network aims to encourage constructive dialogue and interaction amongst all those involved in the redevelopment of brownfield land in the island of Ireland. In doing so, the collective learning experiences, best practices and effective strategies can be shared to the betterment of brownfield redevelopment in Ireland.

    The Network is currently run and organised by 9 interim committee volunteers from various professions involved with brownfield redevelopment. The Network is free to join and open to all.


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  • Midlands Land Events (MidLE) is bridging the land, property, and environmental forum gap in the Midlands. MidLE connects, inspires, and informs land, property, and environmental professionals by providing a friendly platform with a regional focus on today’s big industry challenges and topics. MidLE's interactive and meaningful events provide value through sharing best practices, and experiences at all levels with fresh thinking. It is a non-profit community interest company that is looking for support to help us grow the local forum and support its vision. MidLE will collaboratively work with the community to understand its needs, skills, and development objectives and local environmental and climate challenges. All events and activities will be as sustainable as possible and mindful of their environmental impact.

    Further information:

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  • The Welsh Land Contamination Working Group comprises representation from all the Welsh regional Local Authority Contaminated Land Officer groups, NRW, Public Health Wales and Welsh Government.

    Our aim is to aid in the consistent approach to dealing with land contamination throughout Wales, partly by producing guidance and advice but also through a series of training events for all LA and NRW staff that have involvement in land contamination.


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