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The chairs of the international Sustainable Remediation Forums (SURF) and associated partners meet on a quarterly basis mainly by teleconference with the aim to share progress and learning amongst the different networks and develop opportunities for collaboration. It is hoped that by communicating on a regular basis it will help raise the awareness of the work that each group is undertaking in their different countries and help drive consistency between the different initiatives where appropriate.


The current groups represented are:

Secretariat is performed by CL:AIRE.

Progress in Sustainable Remediation Worldwide

A poster presented at AquaConsoil, June 9-12 2015 titled "Progress in Sustainable Remediation Worldwide" summarises all the current SuRF Networks and can be downloaded here>>>


Notes of the meetings can be downloaded here:

The network would like to hear from other Sustainable Remediation groups, or individuals who are planning to set up a group. If you have any queries regarding the upcoming SuRF International meetings, please contact