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CL:AIRE has committed to becoming a net zero company in line with the UK government’s ambition to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, following the Paris Climate Agreement 2015. As advocates for sustainability, we see it as our duty to sign up to the “Pledge to Net Zero” initiative and take actions to reduce our emissions.

Through submitting the pledge, we committed to:

  1. Set and commit to deliver a greenhouse gas target in line with either a 1.5°C (encouraged) or well below 2°C climate change scenario – covering buildings and travel as a minimum.
  2. Publicly report greenhouse gas emissions and progress against this target each year.
  3. Publish one piece of research/thought-leadership each year on practical steps to delivering an economy in line with climate science and in support of net zero carbon. Alternatively, signatories may choose to provide mentoring and support for smaller signatory companies in setting targets, reporting and meeting the requirements of the pledge.

We have identified our operational boundaries, which comprises our day-to-day office activities, working from home, commuting and business travel. Based on our activity data and appropriate conversion factors, we developed our baseline carbon footprint.

We decided to commit to reducing our Scope 2 emissions in line with the 1.5℃ climate change scenario and reduce our Scope 3 emissions in line with the “well-below” 2℃ scenario (Scope 1 emissions are not applicable to us).




2030 Reduction

2050 Reduction

Scope 2

2,474 kg CO2 e

9,260 kg CO2 e

Net zero by 2043

Scope 3

12,772 kg CO2 e

1,331 kg CO2 e

2,874 kg CO2 e


Our latest annual carbon footprint is below:

Period of reporting 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023
Baseline carbon footprint Scope 1 +2 (in tonnes CO2e) - 5258.96
Baseline Scope 3 (in tonnes CO2e) - 14048.50
Total 19,307.45


Scope 2

 Scope 3


Trezor Suite.