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The National Brownfield Forum was established by DCLG (now DLUHC) and Defra in 2011. The aim of the Forum is to promote the sustainable use of land. It brings together private and public sector organisations to take an open and forward looking strategic overview of current and future land use issues including:

  • taking into consideration the full range of social, economic and environmental factors in informing the development and implementation of Government policy,
  • supporting the development, dissemination and adoption of best practice by regulators, practitioners and problem-owners
  • identifying key challenges as they arise and seeking appropriate resolutions
  • openly reporting on progress and outcomes.

The Forum considers UK-wide issues and references overseas experience where appropriate. Representation of organisations on the Forum is be kept under review, and seeks to represent a broad spectrum of interests.

CL:AIRE is secretariat for the Forum with all notes from the meeting being made publicly available from CL:AIRE’s website at If you have any queries please contact Nicola Harries who acts as secretariat.

*****If you have any issue which you think merits discussion by the  National Brownfield Forum, please e-mail Nicola Harries who puts together the group's meeting agendas.*****

The Forum's Terms of Reference, meeting notes and supporting papers are available here: 

National Brownfield Forum 2023/2024 Sector Review



Meeting Notes

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