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The historic peace agreement in Colombia (http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-colombia-rebels-idUKKCN0Z8269) has created a new impetus and new opportunities for commercial development in this rapidly developing economy with 4.8% growth per year over the past decade (https://hbr.org/2016/07/77-with-peace-colombia-poised-for-greater-prosperity).

r3 environmental technology ltd is a UK based company with a Colombian affiliate which has been exploring the potential for the re-use of brownfield land in that country for instance for renewables, for both commercial development and community goals.  We have recently started work on a feasibility study, supported by the FCO’s Prosperity Fund, examining this potential, and we have a particular interest in renewable energy.  We would like to ensure that UK expertise is widely promoted in Colombia, and also to support UK organisations interested in exploring opportunities in Colombia.

The study will include investigation of low input ways of immobilising and reducing the risks of mobile mercury from gold mining activities, the feasibility of renewables production on mining brownfields, as well as alternative forms of community value development from this land.  The study began in June 2016, and the study team would be delighted to hear from Colombian and UK businesses who would like to have some kind of involvement.  Email: Alfonso Rodriguez or Paul Bardos.  We are specifically interested in brokering linkages between UK and Colombian interests which might lead to viable project proposals for the creation of renewable energy projects on mining land in Colombia.