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Nanotechnologies could offer a step-change in remediation capabilities: treating persistent contaminants which have limited remediation alternatives, avoiding degradation-related intermediates and increasing the speed at which degradation or stabilisation can take place. However, adoption of nanoremediation has been slower, with fewer than 100 field scale applications, since the first field application in 2000. However, the recent emergence of nanoremediation as a commercially-deployed remediation technology in several EU countries, notably the Czech Republic and Germany indicates that it is now time to look at nanoremediation as a technology in the European market-place.

Since early 2013, the EU FP7 NanoRem project (www.nanorem.eu) has been carrying out an intensive development and optimisation programme for different nanoparticles (NPs), along with analysis and testing methods, investigations of fate and transport of the NPs and their environmental impact. NanoRem is a €14 million international collaborative project with 29 Partners from 13 EU countries, and links to the USA and Asia. It is a major initiative, which will support the effective deployment of nanoremediation technologies in Europe.

The NanoRem final conference “Nanoremediation for Soil and Groundwater Clean‐up ‐ Possibilities and Future Trends” takes place on 21 November 2016 at DECHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany. This major event will present the most recent developments and opportunities for soil and groundwater nanoremediation using a range different nanoparticles. Key conference themes are:
• Nanoparticle types, design, performance and behaviour in the subsurface transport.
• Results from a series of pilot applications in the field in different European countries for a range of nanoparticle types
• Guidelines for the appropriate and effective application of nanoremediation
• A panel discussion about the future possibilities and trends of nanoremediation
• A networking reception event immediately after the technical event.

Further information and registration is available from www.nanorem.eu or http://dechema.de/nanorem2016.html. A special low fee is on offer on a first come first served basis of €90 covering both the conference and the reception. Frankfurt is extremely well connected by road, rail and air and special delegate packages from local hotels have been arranged by DECHEMA.