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CL:AIRE is delighted to announce that two new members have joined its Technology and Research Group (TRG) - Simon Burr from CampbellReith and Seamus Lefroy-Brooks from LBH Wembley.

The TRG is an advisory group made up of leading professionals who support CL:AIRE on technology development issues and provide guidance on issues relating to the sustainable reuse of land.

Full details on the TRG and its members are provided here>>http://claire.co.uk/home/about-us/71-governance

Brief biographies of Simon and Seamus are provided below.

Simon Burr

Simon has been working in the environmental consultancy field since 1993, with specialisation in contaminated land risk assessment, investigation and remediation at a senior project management level.  He has been responsible for a large number of regeneration projects and manages a number of client portfolios. He is a registered Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) and as a member of SoBRA was one of their representatives at the government consultation concerning the revisions to contaminated land statutory guidance.  He was recently a member of SoBRA's sub-committee which developed the accreditation scheme for contaminated land risk assessors.  As well as responsibility for managing and delivering the environmental work of CampbellReith he has developed the waste soils assessment services and manages the production of Materials Management Plans across the practice to enable appropriate reuse of waste soils across their projects.  He also manages the development of CampbellReith’s human health, groundwater and ground gas risk assessment capabilities.

Seamus Lefroy-Brooks

Through his firm, LBH WEMBLEY, Seamus works as a consultant to government, land owners, developers and regulators alike and endeavours to bring an experienced and practical eye to the solution of all manner of ground-related problems. He is multi-chartered as a Civil Engineer, Geologist and Environmentalist and is a UK Registered Ground Engineering Adviser under the RoGEP scheme. He has worked in the geotechnical & geoenvironmental sector for over 35 years with the same firm since graduation.

Seamus is a registered SiLC, a Qualified Person under the DoW CoP scheme and is one of the twelve experts appointed to the government’s National Expert Panel for contaminated land.  Seamus is the chairman of the Land Forum’s Professional Standards Committee leading the initiative to deliver a National Quality Mark Scheme for land contamination reports.

Seamus is significantly involved in the present initiatives in relation to asbestos in soils. He is a member of the Joint Industry Working Group (JIWG) on Asbestos in Soils and served on the Working Group (WG2) of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Committee for Fibre Measurement (CFM), tasked with formulating revised HSE guidance.