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There has been a Defra ministerial request to delay the decommissioning of WIYBY in response to concerns raised to the loss of the service from a number of user groups.  The Environment Agency (EA) and Defra are working together to review how its customers can access data important to land management through a replacement service.

It reports that WIYBY remains on old technology and is still running at risk of an unplanned loss of service with a potential worst case that the service may not be able to be re-established if it fails.

A large number of the datasets can already be accessed from other places including Natural England’s MAGIC and data sharing services via DATA.GOV.UK. More and more data is being moved to these locations to provide an alternative should WIYBY fail or be unavailable. Links to these can be found on the WIYBY information pages (


At this time the EA is not able to confirm a new end date for the service.