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Gas Verification Declaration for SGPV Application

As part of the SGPV application process, candidates are asked to complete a Sample GPVS Declaration based on the verification plan and validation report that they submit as evidence for their application. This is a requirement as it provides evidence to the assessors that you understand the importance of the preparation of the GPVS declaration which is an integral part of the role of the SGPV and the GPVS scheme.

Once saved, this form can be edited as many times as necessary (see the "Edit Sample GPVS Declaration" link under the GPVS Application Steps heading on the GPVS home page. Some fields cannot be edited (name, address etc) and must be modified in your website user profile.

Once complete, please go to the "Edit Sample GPVS Declaration" page (as above), click on the title of the Sample Declaration to open it and click on the PDF button to download a PDF. 

Please upload this PDF when requested as part of your application.

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