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Detailed below is the Register of Specialists in Gas Protection Verification (SGPV) under the Gas Protection Verification Scheme.

Only individuals on this register have undertaken the necessary training and passed the required examination. Individuals acting in this role ensure that good practice is consistently and demonstrably applied.

If you have any queries regarding this register, please go to the Help Desk and raise a help request under GPVS.

Results 1 - 14 of 14
Registration No. Name Company
SGPV0001 Michael Corban MEC Environmental Ltd
SGPV0002 Barrie Ackroyd Membrane Testing Solutions Ltd
SGPV0003 Michael Sweeney GQA Environmental
SGPV0004 Ben Crowther Geoenginseer Ltd
SGPV0005 Paul Colbeck Geoshield Limited
SGPV0006 Ian Cochrane Mason Evans
SGPV0007 Steve Wilson The Environmental Protection Group Ltd (EPG)
SGPV0008 Jake Purdie-Clark Geoshield Limited
SGPV0009 James Rhys-Williams TFW Group Ltd (Terra Firma)
SGPV0010 Fiona MacDonald Johnson Poole & Bloomer
SGPV0011 Lauren Macrorie Johnson Poole & Bloomer
SGPV0012 Danny Mccloy Johnson Poole & Bloomer
SGPV0013 James Harley IGE Consulting
SGPV014 Richard Spencer GeoDyne Limited