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Land contamination can affect the health of people living, working, visiting or otherwise present on a site. The risk assessment process is used to establish whether there is an unacceptable risk to humans.

Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment (CLEA)

CLEA Software and Handbook

Toxicological Reports (TOX) (INFO-RA2-2d)

Soil Guideline Values (SGVs) (INFO-RA2-2e)

Category 4 Screening Levels (C4SL)

Generic Screening Values (GAC)


General Information 

TPH Working Group Series (TPHCWG) - Available through AEHS Foundation Online Store

      • Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analysis of Soil and Water in the Environment, Volume 1, TPHCWG, 1998. (INFO-RA2-2i)
      • Composition of Petroleum Mixtures, Volume 2, TPHCWG, 1998. (INFO-RA2-2j)
      • Selection of Representative TPH Fractions Based on Fate and Transport Considerations, Volume 3, TPHCWG, 1997. (INFO-RA2-2k)
      • Development of Fraction-specific Reference Doses (RfDs) and Reference Concentrations (RfCs) for TPHs, Volume 4, TPHCWG, 1997. (INFO-RA2-2l)
      • Human Health Risk-based Evaluation of Petroleum Release Sites: Implementing the Working Group’s Approach, Volume 5, TPHCWG, 1999. (INFO-RA2-2m)

Contaminated Land Reports (CLR) - All withdrawn