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1. SuRF-UK Consultation - draft framework document

SuRF UK  went out to consultation to a small group of organisations that indicated an interest in assisting with developing a framework for measuring sustainability. We received an excellent response. After an open forum meeting held on Tuesday 18th November 2008 it was agreed to go out for wider consultation on the first workings of the framework. This consultation closed on January 5th 2009.

2. SuRF-UK Framework Consultation – final draft framework

SuRF - UK steering group welcomed views on the final draft framework document titled “ A framework for assessing the sustainability of land and groundwater remediation” for managing land and groundwater contamination in a manner compatible with sustainable development principles. The document was a culmination of 18 months work and has been subject to wide remediation industry and regulation consultation throughout. The Consultation closed on 31st October 2009.