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Qualified Persons regularly update and maintain their knowledge of waste and contaminated land management.

Requirements for becoming a Qualified Person

Registration - The Qualified Person should be registered with CL:AIRE and have paid the annual registration fee. As part of the Registration process all applicants are required to pass an online exam. Re-testing is a regular requirement for all Qualified Persons every 5 years to ensure knowledge of the DoW CoP is maintained.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) -  Parallel to the test, Qualified Persons will also be required to log their annual CPD relevant to the DoW CoP on the CL:AIRE recording facility again available at the Qualified Person login page. This log must reflect a minimum of 30 hours spent on the planning, management, regulation or oversight of DoW CoP. This can include work on remediation or other projects involving materials management, providing advice on application of DoW CoP, preparing MMPs for clients, assessing MMPs and providing Declarations as a QP.

It is important that QPs stay current with DoW CoP developments. CPD should also include reading new FAQs and relevant waste or planning regulation updates, i.e., the Regulatory Position Statement on topsoil, utility waste, National Planning Policy Framework, etc. CPD can also include time spent on relevant network groups, soil forums, providing support for DoW CoP development and promoting its use across development industries. .
Qualified Persons can either log their CPD directly on the CL:AIRE system, or to avoid duplication, simply upload their logs recorded on alternative platforms.

Corporate Authority - The applicant must be authorised to sign on behalf of their company in this area of activity.

Professional Standing - The applicant must have chartered status, awarded by a body that sets restrictions on areas of activity and has the capacity to apply sanctions in the event of unprofessional conduct.

Relevant Qualifications - It is expected that the applicant will have academic qualifications relevant to the area of activity.

Experience - The application must have a minimum of 5 years experience and be currently engaged in the planning or oversight of remediation projects, or projects involving site materials management. Evidence of this experience is to be provided by means of a detailed CV with references.

Independence - The Qualified Person should not be directly involved in the management or execution of the project.

Training - The applicant must have attended a recognised minimum one-day Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice training course. Evidence of attendance will be provided by an Attendance Certificate.

Not barred from acting - The applicant must not have any individual convictions under waste or environmental legislation, or be barred from acting in the capacity as a result of previous activities in the role of the Qualified Person.

Registered with CL:AIRE - All Qualified Persons are required to register with CL:AIRE on an annual basis. 

An annual fee of £150 is required in order to maintain the public register and support the ongoing administration of the DoWCoP. 

Renewals are carried out at the start of each calendar year. Individuals who register later in the year will pay pro-rata up to the year end.

CL:AIRE regularly runs a one-day training course for the Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (DoWCoP). This course is mandatory for all new Qualified Person applicants and is particularly useful for those wishing to use the DoWCoP. It also useful for those wishing to update their knowledge or individuals wanting a better understanding of the DoWCoP.

New Qualified Person Online Application Form (You will need to be registered on this website in order to be able to see the form.)