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Gas Protection Verification accredited professionals (SGPV and TGPV) shall:

  1. Uphold the integrity of the profession.
  2. Exercise honesty, diligence, and impartiality in their professional work.
  3. Comply with the law.
  4. Not allow conflicts of interests to influence their professional decisions and judgement, make all bodies concerned aware of such conflicts.
  5. Not accept anything of value from clients, employers or third parties which could be thought to influence their professional judgement.
  6. Continually work to maintain and improve their knowledge using a combination of training and practical work; and give reasonable assistance to candidates wishing to enter the profession.
  7. Maintain and enhance levels of proficiency, both individually and throughout the profession.
  8. When giving advice, make relevant persons aware of the potential consequences and alternatives.
  9. Acknowledge their limitations of competence and not undertake any work which he / she knows is beyond their professional capability.
  10. Ensure all information given to and contained within data assessments is, to the best of their knowledge, correct and accurate.
  11. Not endorse any information or declarations from clients or third parties which they cannot verify as accurate and true.
  12. Keep up to date with the GPVS and comply with all the requirements when acting as a SGPV or TGPV including maintaining a CPD record.
  13. If a scheme on which they have acted as an SGPV or TGPV is audited by CL:AIRE or a regulator, provide all information that is requested.
  14. Uphold and enhance the reputation of the accreditation scheme.